You can order one or more individual sampling sets for manure tests via this page.
They contain everything you need and instructions for taking the manure sample and sending it to MestLab.
You then put the sample in the post in the enclosed addressed envelope along with the completed questionnaire.
Don´t forget to put sufficient postage on the return envelope!
You will receive the results and a recommendation for tackling any worms via your home e-mail address after two working days.
See the working method; delivery will be as per our general terms and conditions.SPECIAL OFFER:
It is also possible to order a SPECIAL OFFER option consisting of 3 manure analyses a year for each individual horse. We will then send you a single package containing the 3 sets, which you can send to us on the dates you select.
This offer is available for just €38.01 including VAT.SUBSCRIPTION:
We also offer the option of a complete SUBSCRIPTION for which we send you one sampling set 4 times a year, on 1 February, 1 May, 1 August and 1 November. This means you will be following the optimum monitoring schedule and you will not have to worry about manure sampling at all. You also have the benefit of getting automatic reminders in good time for your deworming diary. The subscription is available for just €54.99 per horse per year. Highly recommended!

Our combined liver fluke test is also important, offering not only the normal manure test but also a test for liver flukes for €32.50 including VAT.

Our combined lungworm test is also interesting, offering not only the normal manure test but also a lungworm test for €30.00 including VAT.

Foal package A consists of 3 examinations for the foal Only Such a package consists of 3 faecal examinations for after 4 weeks, 3 and 6 months.
In these studies, we naturally pay extra attention to roundworm in addition to the standard determinations. And advises Mestlab.eu on the care to be provided.
Foal package B contains 6 examinations and is for both foal and foal mare. The packages cost € 39.51 and € 79.00 respectively.

If you want to order worm cures as recommended after a manure test, this can be done by phone on +31 (0)6-20628899 or by e-mail to lambert@mestlab.eu.


The price for a complete manure test is:

1 to 5:   € 14.95 each, including VAT
5 to 10:   € 14.00 each, including VAT
>10: subject to agreement (call one of the phone numbers above or send an e-mail)

Manure testing offer (1x package of 3 sets) for just € 44.50 per year including VAT
Manure testing subscription (sent 4x a year) for just € 59.70 per year including VAT
Combined liver fluke test (standard test plus liver fluke) for € 35.25 each including VAT
Combined lungworm test / manure test for € 32.55 each including VAT

These prices include the cost of shipping the sample sets to you, the complete analysis and sending you the test results.