Taking samples

  1. Collective sampling:
    For instance for competition stalls, stud farms, manèges, livery stables, riding associations, veterinary practices. Please contact Lambèrt van Nispen by phone on +31 (0)6-2062-88 99 or by e-mail to info@mestlab.eu.
    Collective sampling will be scheduled in consultation with the client in order to allow the analysis results to be provided as quickly as possible. MestLab.eu can come and fetch the manure samples.
  2. Individual sampling:
    Please complete the request form on this site
    It works like this:

    1. You order your sampling set, manure test and payment method using the menu
    2. MestLab.nl then sends you a sampling set straight away by post with instructions and a questionnaire.
    3. You take the manure sample yourself and complete the enclosed questionnaire.
    4. You send the sample by post in the enclosed P650 packaging with sufficient postage to MestLab.eu.
    5. You will receive the analysis results by e-mail within two working days.
    6. If the sample is positive for worms, our specialist equine veterinarian can give you a prescription for the appropriate worm cure, which can then be ordered and sent by post (invoiced separately).
    7. If you want, MestLab.eu can send you a reminder for the next manure test.